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Welcome to The Dragons Back, the highest pub in the Brecon Beacons National Park, a Country Inn with plenty of accommodation, b&b rooms, bunkhouses and a campsite.

Discover the Local History Surrounding The Dragons Back.

A long long time ago, the last two remaining dragons were laying waste to the land surrounding The Black Mountains. Their names were Smaug and Maesteg. Smaug was a golden male dragon, and Maesteg was a much larger emerald green female dragon.

Sir Jasper of Konran was a brave Knight of noble birth, third in line to the throne of Cair Paravel. Along with his man at arms Jack of Genffordd, and doughty squire Ted of Tottenham, Sir Jasper had made it his mission to rid Wales of these last two dragons.

Sir Jasper sought out the wise woman Martha of Tydvil, and asked her advice. She told him that his only chance of success was to attack the dragons when they mated, this would be atop Waun fach at the next full moon.

When the next full moon arrived, the trusty band were lying in wait, once the dragons were mating, they crept from their hiding place and attacked. Smaug was killed almost immediately, by a sword thrust through his right eye. Maesteg was wounded, her left wing was torn and she was bleeding from a slash to her neck, in her panic she managed to fly to nearby Castell Dinas. Sir Jasper was deeply worried, not only had both his companions been badly injured in the attack, but Maesteg had escaped and would shortly give birth to her dragoon brood.

After first ensuring his companions were safe, Sir Jasper set off in pursuit of Maesteg. On arrival at Castell Dinas, he found that all the inhabitants had fled, and Maesteg could be clearly seen clinging to the highest tower licking her wounds. Sir Jasper quickly hatched his plan, he ran into the courtyard in full view of Maesteg, immediately she flew from the tower in pursuit of Sir Jasper, he ran through the entrance and stood on the drawbridge. Maesteg’s head came lunging through the entrance her body held back by the massive walls, quick as a flash Sir Jasper slashed the rope holding up the portcullis.

The portcullis fell, a giant spike piercing through Maesteg’s neck, as she thrashed her huge body, the ground shook, and the towers tumbled down. Eventually Maesteg thrashed her last and was still, Sir Jasper slowly walked towards her, and inspected his victim, suddenly Maesteg’s eyes opened and with her last breath Sir Jasper was burnt to ashes.

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The Dragons back provides range of options 

A fine selection of local real ales available, and food orders are taken 6 pm till 9pm in the evening.

We prepare wholesome tasty home cooked food in generous sized portions.

We have a large variety of accommodation to suit most tastes and budgets.